Volunteers from IChemE's Consultancy Special Interest Group are leading an initiative to develop a directory of chemical engineers. This aims to improve on both the existing Consultants and Contractors file, and what is possible in LinkedIn and other social media solutions by demonstrating verifiable individual and corporate experience covering all aspects of chemical engineering. It is also intended to broaden the scope beyond just consultants and contractors, so that any chemical engineer will be able to detail their expertise.

Three Trees

In order to do this we are developing three trees:

The idea is that any engineer will be able to navigate down these trees identifying the branches in which they have experience. The more detailed these trees are, the better able the directory will be to help you find exactly the right chemical engineer for your problem: a chemical engineer who is perfectly experienced to deliver a noise audit on an off shore slow sand filter, for example.

Please Contribute

We are using group map to form a collective mind-map covering these three trees. We have produced a video demonstrating how to use group-map here. If you haven't already received a link, please email us.

Thank you
Consultancy Special Interest Group